IT Services

on-site support

FCS on-site support staff is the best in the business. You, our valued client, will have the convenience of our expertly qualified technicians on-hand to manage and service all your business IT functions. We can be scheduled for regular block hours Monday through Friday, 8:30AM to 5:30PM, or be available – unscheduled, on or off-site – by client request.



Desktop Support


Ghost Imaging
Software Installation
Software Licensing
Microsoft Office Support
Mobile Device Support
Office Relocations
Hardware Repairs/Installations



Server Support


Patch Management
Active Directory                    





remote support

In many instances, it’s not necessary for our technicians to have hands-on contact with your servers, workstations, or networking equipment in order to resolve issues, make configuration changes, and perform routine maintenance. In such cases, our Remote Support offers superior response time. Remote Support is a great value for business owners not looking for routine on-site support, but who want the reassurance of IT coverage at their fingertips.




FCS technicians have years of experience working with Apple products. Supporting mixed platform environments can be difficult for some service companies but not for FCS. Our technical staff will make sure your Apple systems are imaged and configured to work with any windows infrastructure, including full Exchange and Active Directory integration.






With over 30 years of combined experience working with Windows platforms, there is little we haven’t seen. FCS configures, images, and maintains Windows platforms securely and expeditiously. We design workstations and servers for reliability and failover, always implementing solutions based on best practices. You can rest assured that your systems are running at optimal performance.





Mobile devices

FCS provides support for all popular mobile products.  Staying connected, with email integration on smart phones and tablets, is paramount in today’s business. FCS will configure and manage your mobile products allowing synchronization of contacts, calendar, and mail among all your devices – keeping you current with your clients and colleagues.


Backup & Security

Protecting your data is as important to us as it is to you.  FCS specializes in managed anti-virus and enterprise-grade firewall appliances, guarding your infrastructure from network intrusion.


Additionally, having a comprehensive disaster-recovery plan in place is crucial to the continuity of all business functions.  We at FCS will work with you to design and implement strategies that will proactively safeguard your intellectual property.



Cloud Backup is the solution we recommend to most clients. It seamlessly integrates into nearly any environment, keeping your data free from accidental, malicious, and catastrophic environmental loss. FCS will install your online backup account and manage both on-site and off-site backups, providing redundant target locations, and maximizing protection.

With Cloud Backup it is possible to access your data from almost anywhere in the world where Internet connections are available.